Boteqa turns your Telegram bot into an e-shop

be independent

As a small, independent business, you can increase your turnover by building, growing and engaging your customer base on a messaging app instead of spending time and money on online advertisement.

work smart

With Boteqa, you can sell your products on Telegram, the most advanced messaging platform, used by hundreds of millions people worldwide. Unlike whatsapp and facebook messenger, Telegram is free to use for everybody.

get paid

Accept credit cards, Apple Pay, ACH, iDEAL and more with Stripe or join the cryptocurrency revolution by getting paid in Monero.

try it out

On Telegram, chat with the Boteqa bot, type "cupcake", add the cupcake to the cart and checkout your order. To pay, you can use the following test credit card:

4242 4242 4242 4242, Exp: 12/25, CVC: 242