Getting started

create a bot

  1. Chat with the BotFather and create a new bot with the /newbot command

  2. The BotFather will chat you a token, a string of numbers and characters that looks like this 1234567890:AbCdEfGhIlMnOpQrStUvWxYz

  3. Select and copy the token

  4. Chat with the BoteqaServiceBot, issue the /registerbot command and paste the token into the chat

  5. Chat with your bot: /admin will display the administration keyboard, /user will switch to the user (your customers') keyboard

Telegram's BotFather


New Boteqa-powered bots are by-invitation-only, so nobody else but you - the owner - will be able to use it. In this way, you can explore Boteqa's features and settings without making your bot public.

manage access

Once you are ready, you can:

  • Create single-use invitation codes by issuing the command /roletoken user. Your customers can then issue the command /role <token> to access the bot

  • Make the bot available to everybody by issuing the command /cmd --no-access-control

learn more

The documentation is still work-in-progress, please hold on